Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Bittersweet End of Power & Thawtz

Hey, everyone!

Here's the latest information on our updates from the past two weeks.

Last week, we marked a sad occasion on AchillesHeelArt: the final page in The Adventures of Major Power & Private Thawtz. Mr. Zikkon has brought this thrilling tale of action, superheroes and ticklish feet to a close. We end on a high note, though: Major Power finally realizes the depth of his feelings for his young sidekick, while Private Thawtz realizes he's far more ticklish than he ever imagined.Also last week, Blithwulf gives us a little redneck ticklin' fun as a man is lashed to a bunch of barrels in the back of his rusty pickup and gang tickled in "Barrels o' Laughs".

This week, Sloth and I both bring you pieces based on popular entertainment. First off, Sloth's "Iron Man: Unscrewed" shows us that even a man encased in iron is vulnerable...if just one, ticklish bare foot is exposed. This villain really knows how to hit Tony's tickle spot.Also, I answer the request of a member who loves Asian men. He wanted to see a certain castaway getting tormented by the infamous guardian of the island. I know you'll enjoy "Jin & the Smoke Monster". Admit it: you'd be LOST without AchillesHeelArt!

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