Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not the Belly Button!

Hey everyone!

This week, Blithwulf and I provide pieces for your evil, twisted pleasure. :)

First off, Blithwulf gives us a veritable symphony of laughter, as a pianist is "Tickling the Ivories". Three men are lined up on his piano from high pitch to low, having their feet tickled so they make beautiful music together. Blithwulf shows two views of this scenario, one from the perspective of the tickler, and one of the poor mens' laughing faces. Next up, I did a piece that makes me personally VERY uncomfortable. This may be the worst torture I can imagine. A young punk has a jock tied up nice and tight, and concentrates solely on his vulnerable belly button with a small, soft feather. Fans of sexy "innies" will love "Navel Gazing".



1 comment:

fingrfethr said...

Nice work, guys. And why do I think Blithwulf is sending a not-so-coded message right at ME? :-)