Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Cartoon Character Week!

This week at AchillesHeelArt, two of our artists did versions of famous cartoon characters.

First up, Blithwulf gives us a special treat for bear lovers. Bluto has fallen behind on paying his dockworker union dues, and his boss and fellow longshoremen are collecting on that debt...on his huge feet! The stocky sailor is trapped in a pair of dock stocks and teased and tormented from all directions. I know you'll love "Bluto Pays His Dues".
Next up, Velly-Z takes us back to a cartoon character that influenced so many of us: "Injun Joe". Who could forget that big, tough Indian chief with the one weakness of being ticklish? Here, he's toyed with once again by that crazy bearded hillbilly Sloppy Moe, who knows his secret.

I hope you enjoy this week's animated update!


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