Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stocked Feet Tickled

We're now just 4 more updates away from the end!  Lucky for you guys, October has 5 Wednesdays this month!

First up Blithwulf does his last M/M piece for us, and he's illustrated his most favorite of all subjects: a burly, hairy man with his big, ticklish feet in wooden stocks. This poor fellow ran up too high of a bar tab, so the bar owner takes it out of his hide by charging the other patrons to tickle torture his feet! This is one wild "Laughter Hours Party". Then, CheshireCat drew two of his favorite original characters. The feline Tucker has his reptilian lover Rene in another torturous pleasure predicament. His arms are bound overhead, and his scaly pits are gently tickled as Tucker holds him in "Another Lover's Embrace".
On the Athena side, Footpaws drew a poor female kitty wrapped up in restrictive mummification bondage, with only her sensitive paws sticking out of the end.  With such defenseless, ticklish targets in plain view, someone is "Bound to Tickle" them...and they do.  Azazello brings us the plight of an explorer who is overtaken by a strong native girl, hogtied and foot tickled. She's fascinated by this tenderfoot, and his reactions to such light touches. Truly, "The Natives are Restless"...and relentless!

That's all for this week!  4 weeks left!


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Anonymous said...

So sad to see this end. You are a true talent and an inspiration and a hero to all the ticklers out there who may have - at one time - thought they were alone in their delight of ticklish men. - JC