Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Countdown Continues

Only 2 weeks until the end! Here's the info on the tickling updates from the first 2 weeks of October:

First up, I was mistaken in calling Blithwulf's last M/M piece his final one. He rounds off his M/M collection with an incredible masterpiece in which a sexy bear is gang tickled by a ruthless pack of hunky men into confessing. To what? Who cares?  The fun is in the torture to extract "A Laughable Confession". Then, Azazello drew a sexy wrestling match in which two muscular masked men go at it. One of them decides to cheat to win, and executes a "Forbidden Hold" tickling the soles of his opponent's feet!
On the Athena side, Footpaws drew a Dalmatian in the clutches of an evil lizard girl who utilizes all of her limbs to tickle both his paws and his pits at the same time. She's hitting all of his "Ticklish Spots". Then in "Witchy Koo", CheshireCat drew a special Halloween-themed piece with a witch who gives herself willingly to a demon in exchange for a boost to her magical powers. Too bad she didn't know this particular demon had an evil tickle fetish.

This week, Azazello drew the god Atlas, who is desperately trying to do his job of holding up the heavens. Mischievous Pan has other ideas, as he scales the muscular god's body, grasping and tickling his torso in "Atlas Hugged". Then, Footpaws drew a vulture sheriff, who decides to have a little fun with his jackal captive. He dishes out a little "Paw and Order" as his feathery fingers probe the sensitive pads of the poor prisoner's tied paws.
On the Athena side, BlueBully delivers her final piece for us. It could be argued that Ariel has a foot fetish: after all, she's obsessed with having them. And who better to draw her fascination with the sexy Eric's toes than our own BlueBully, another female with a tickle fetish for..."What Do You Call Them?"...Oh, FEET! Then, Blithwulf gives us his final piece: an elaborate contraption that is the secret behind all of those laugh tracks you hear in sitcoms. Someone has to create all that laughter, and this "Live Studio Audience" of bound females are mercilessly tickled by a bicycle-powered foot scrubbing machine and recorded at the same time!

We only have 2 more weekly updates left! Our last art will be posted on October 31st!

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