Thursday, May 28, 2009

My First Customer! (Sort of)

My good pal over in Germany who goes by the nickname "Ticklegiant" was the first AchillesHeelArt member to purchase some of my products this week, which have been available at my CafePress Store since our main site opened. I never honestly expected a flood of orders from that store. After all, there aren't many places one can wear a t-shirt that designates you as a "TICKLER". Still, I expected at least a few orders, but these are the very first! Ticklegiant was kind enough to model the four (!) shirts he bought from me. Check him out!

Apparently, he is a switcher, as he bought both the "Tickler" and "Ticklish" shirts. The best of both worlds!

He also bought my "Eye Chart" shirt, which is specially designed to lure in unsuspecting victims. The last 2 lines read: "Prepare to be tickled!" By the time they're close enough to read those, they're doomed.

The last shirt he purchased is just a collage of some of the best laughing faces I've drawn for the site. A bit more subtle than the others he got, but still gets the point across.

So, even if you don't want a t-shirt to advertise your predilection for tickling, maybe you need a mousepad? Drop by the AchillesHeelArt CafePress Store today. All of the proceeds go back into purchasing more artwork for the site, so everybody wins!


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