Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Products at the Shop!

The recently activity at my CafePress Store (and a tip from my buddy TikibarTickler) made me aware that there were some new products available. I added a bunch today:

How about a thong to let that special someone know just how ticklish you are?

Or a beach bag with an actual beach burial tickling scene on it!

Perhaps a designer messenger bag for those ultra-hip ticklers:

A water bottle for when you're rehydrating after a severe tickling, or a ceramic coffee container for getting caffeine-d up to dish some out?

Not only did I add a few new designs, I also went in and reduced the prices of just about everything in the store!

So, be sure to stop by the AchillesHeelArt CafePress Store soon! Once again, all proceeds from the sales go back into the site to commission more artwork!


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