Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Last Two Updates

Hey Everyone!

This week we're posting three images to make up for last week's smaller posting of just one image.

Last week, Mr. Zikkon reached the pinnacle of his pervy potboiler when Major Power awakened helpless and in the clutches of the evil Dr. Zyborg. Will he crack under the merciless ministrations of this fiend? Then, Sloth gives us the roughhousing of some bandmates in a punk band in a piece he likes to call "Sid Ticklish".

This week, Wez gives us his very first animated gif in a wonderful piece that appeals to both the perv and the nerd in me. Poor Luke can't concentrate long enough to use the Force to get out of this dilemma. I know you're gonna love "Wampa Stompa". Also this week, I created a sequel of sorts to an older piece of mine. Those evil giants are at it again, tenderizing the meat of their victims in their favorite, devious way. Enjoy "Plaything of the Giants". Maybe next time, it'll be time for the giants to get a taste of their own medicine...

That's all until next week!


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