Monday, July 28, 2008

More-Toe Combat

I'm so proud of Wez. He's not only on a roll producing one great image after another, but now he's started to come up with his own great foot and tickling related puns! His piece this week continues his run of sexy videogame characters with "More-Toe Combat". One of the ticklers in this piece has 4 arms, which always comes in handy when restraining a victim. ;)


My piece is a request from a member who wanted to see a certain cocky stage magician get what's coming to him. This guy is certainly no 'Angel'. In fact, after seeing this piece, you might just call him a "Ticklefreak". Check out "Criss-Crossed" in my member's gallery.

We're fast approaching our one year anniversary! It's hard to believe, but we started last August. I've got some ideas in the works to celebrate the occasion, but I'm also open to suggestions from you guys. Let me know how you think we should celebrate our first birthday at AHA!


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