Friday, August 8, 2008

Killer Smile-Aaron Eckhart

I never really thought much about Aaron Eckhart before I saw Batman The Dark Knight. He did a fantastic job in his role as district attorney Harvey Dent, but it was a pretty serious role. I did a Google search of him and, unlike his Batman character, he seems to always be smiling! And what a nice smile it is. He looks like the human equivalent of a friendly golden retriever.


ticklemysheersocks said...

perhaps that smiling mouth resembles one with some laughter coming out of it... Finding some inspiration? ;-)

Anonymous said...

He is tall, handsome, a smile that would make you "MELT", great legs, FABULOUS LARGE FEET, Amazing toes!
Mmmm .....
yum, yum, this is MY kind of "Man"