Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Last 2 Updates

Hey everyone,

Here are the pieces we've posted over the last two weeks:

Last week, Mr. Zikkon gave us page 5 in the contintuing serial of Major Power and Private Thawtz, in which we begin to discover the extent of the young sidekick's obsession with both his partner and with tickle torture.

Also, Wez answered a request from a member to see a young, redneck cub attacked and tickled by a pack of evil snakes. We decided to call this one "Hissy Fit".


This week there is only one piece, although you could call this a "giant" update. This was another member's request, this time to see a certain giant and his huge feet getting the treatment from a few wizards practicing the tickling charm, "Rictusempra"!


There's only one piece this week as I'm working on several things for our upcoming one year anniversary! On September 8th, we'll be posting our 52nd update. There will be a few surprises available for members and non-members alike. Next week we'll have 3 images to make up for this week's light posting.


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