Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gold Record

Hey everyone,

This week we've posted 3 pieces to make up for the light update last week.

In addition to the Hagrid piece from last week, we've added the latest page of the continuing Major Power & Private Thawtz serial, in which Power awkwardly stumbles upon Thawtz acting out some of his fantasies.


For update 49 (we're getting close to 52!) we've added Wez's latest videogame masterpiece "Tikklen". This was a special request from a member who wanted to see a particular character from a very popular fighting game get the treatment. Wez went the extra mile and actually based the mechanical arms on the tickle table on a robotic character from the game.

My piece this week is in honor of Michael Phelps, who made history this week becoming the Olympian to win the most gold medals in one Olympics. I have to admit, I find him quite sexy. Not only does he have killer size 14 feet (which make his incredible swimming speed possible), but he's got an adorably goofy smile. We're 'tickled' by his victory, and so is he in this week's piece.


See you next week!


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