Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm 7 Years Old Again

Those who know me well know I have a fetish for more than just tickling. I'm a certifiable action figure addict. I was also the perfect age in 1977 to become completely obsessed with the original Star Wars trilogy. Hasbro has been making Star Wars toys for decades now, and just yesterday they released a brand new version of the flagship of their Star Wars collection, the Millenium Falcon. I got the original one in 1977 for Christmas, and it was my favorite toy. This new model is approximately 30% larger than the old mold, and I couldn't resist getting it immediately.
Now, excuse me while I geek out over the details on this monster. The best part of the update of this toy for me is the cockpit. In the old toy, you were barely able to force Han and Chewie into their seats. This new version has room for 4 figures and lights up!
The new interior is laid out much more like the 'actual' ship, and has the hidden smuggling compartments, laser turret station, medical bay and storage room.
The hold area has all the little details from the film: the chess table (which lights up) and the area where Luke trained with his lightsaber. The boarding ramp slowly lowers along with sounds and light effects.
Virtually ever piece of dialogue spoken in the films is in this toy, accessed through dozens of buttons hidden all over the ship. There are also light and sound effects, including a great blue glowing engine.
Having this ship makes me feel like a kid all over again. Now I just need to figure out a place to put it!

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Ticklesheer said...

Hey there,

saw this post and couldn't resist, had to comment. I, too, was the perfect age back in the late 70's to be a total Star Wars Figure geek! I had the orignal 12, then 24, then...whatever came next. Also had all my original packaging up until a few years ago when a certain family member threw them away! Alas...

I meet very few guys into tickling that can also geek out with me on subjects like this! You're a find!

Thanks for sharing!

BTW, did I mention thta I'm insanely ticklish??