Monday, November 3, 2008

EXTREME Tickleover

Honestly, my piece this week didn't start out as a celebrity one. I've been meaning to do a tickling pic involving a guy in flip flops for a long time now (at the request of my buddy Joey from FlipFlopErotic). As I started to draw a guy in flips tied to a chair and tickled, he started to look more and more like Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. I figured, that show has made me cry so many times, why not tie down that hyperactive spaz Ty and make HIM cry a little?

Also this week: You'd think that by now Wez would have exhausted the videogame puns. But no, this week's might be his best yet. He brings you two elaborately costumed characters from that fan favorite: SOLE Calibur. Get it? Whoever doesn't laugh at our puns gets tickled as badly as the two guys in this drawing...


See you all next week!