Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is he ticklish? Listen, Bud...

This week, Sloth dives into the subject matter closest to his heart: comic books. In his Spectacular piece this week, he swings into action with "Brock's Revenge" in which we discover that a certain Symbiote Supervillain has many uses for that long, slimy tongue of his. This is truly some of the finest tickle art on the...wait for it...WEB.

Speaking of superheroics, Mr. Zikkon delivers again with his continuing flashback sequence involving Captain Awesome and his mysterious belt of power. When the attacking tickle hands dive in for the kill and rip his mystic belt off, it spells certain ticklish doom for our poor hero...


See you all next week!


1 comment:

leemajors555 said...

This was a HOT update! The Spider Man piece was was a huge turn on-great feet and tongue action! Mr Zikkon's work is my favorite, loved watching the hands peel away his belt/shirt now if only they'd strip off his boots:) Thanks again!