Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Holiday Begins

Here's the skinny on our last two updates: By now, you've probably seen my new holiday themed 2008 Winter home page, which is my Christmas card to all of you. If not, drop by the main site to see it!

Last week, Sloth gave us that blue-collar fantasy of revenge on one of those guys who tows away our cars. A business man does a little ticket tickling in "Violators will be TOED". Also last week, Snake illustrated a certain hulking green brute employing tickle tactics against one of his former teammates in "Hulk TICKLE!"


This week, our holiday extravaganza begins with both Nomar and Wez providing yuletide kink. First, Nomar gives us a glimpse into Santa's stable in a piece about a young elf who finds a unique way to pass the time in "Mistletoes". Then, Wez gives an old classic his unique spin in "The Abominable TOEman". It turns out that Bumbles not only bounce, they tickle, too!


Next week we'll have two more special holiday pieces, plus the latest page from Mr. Zikkon!

Good luck with all of your holiday chores!


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