Monday, December 29, 2008

The Bourne Hilarity

It's almost 2009, and we've wrapping up 2008 with the two artists that were the first contributors to AchillesHeelArt: Me and Sloth.


First, I bring you one of my personal fantasies: Mr. Damon. One part of the conditioning that was done to poor David Webb to turn him into a deadly assassin was omitted from that third movie in the trilogy. I give you the foot tickling of Jason in "The Bourne Hilarity".

Next, Sloth gives us an inventive bear-type who solved the problem of how to get up in time for work: a tickle-torturing timepiece! More than one thing is getting "up" in "Early Riser".

Next week we'll have the first posting of 2009! There are tons of great things in store in the coming year!


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