Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Summer Everyone!

Sorry that I fell behind a bit on this blog. Here's all the info on the past two updates:


Two weeks ago, we posted "Feetle Bailey", which was a request by a member. He had a thing for those comic strips that would show Sarge manhandling poor Beetle into a mangled pile of limbs, and wanted to see a more realistic depiction of that (especially because one of Beetle's bare feet always seemed to be sticking up in those scenes).

Also, Wez provided his stunning second piece, "Jason and the Laughonauts" in which the hunky lead character of that story is bound and licked-tickled by the dreaded Hydra.


This week I provided a new home page image for Summer 08 that shows a classic beach burial tickle torture scenario. This was also a request by a member that came in a long time ago, and I've been saving it up for this seasonal free piece for everyone.

Also, Mr. Zikkon provides page 4 of his continuing tickle serial "The Adventures of Major Power and Private Thawtz". As the heroes grow closer, is Thawtz developing an unhealthy attraction to the tickle torture methods of "The Spook"? Meanwhile, poor Captain Awesome lies helpless in the clutches of Dr. Zyborg and his tickle feather glove. Tune in next time...


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