Monday, January 12, 2009

A Very Worthy Cause

Help support the TKLFrat! For years now, has been a free website and community for fans of m/m tickling. They have the best forums on the subject, covering a wide variety of topics within the fetish. If you're into tickling and haven't visited the Frat's forums, you're really missing out.

The site is undergoing an overhaul right now, so some of the main links on the site are not working. However, they've updated the home page and forum main banner with brand new artwork that I provided for them, free of charge. In addition, I've donated the original pencils of the drawing for them to auction off to the highest bidder, in order to help support their operating costs. This is actually the first time an original "Achilles" has been offered up for sale.

Here's an image of the original pencil drawing that is up for grabs. It's 11" x 14", pencil on bristol paper.

If you'd like to bid on the drawing, you must be a registered member of the TKLFrat forums. It's easy to register, and completely free. The link to the auction is under their "General" forum under the heading "A special benefit for". The winning bidder will send payment directly to a member of the Frat's staff, and I will mail the drawing to the winner. I will sign the drawing, and will personalize the signature if desired.

Thanks for looking into this worthy cause!


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