Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Feeling Animated!

Hey Gang,

Here's a little info on the past two week's worth of updates. We'll start with last week.

First off, Wez delves into another one of his passions: Kung-Fu movies. He gives us a Shaolin Monk's non-violent defense against attack in "The 5 Fingers of Tickling".

Next, Sloth gives us what is actually the very next comic panel following Snake's Cap vs Hulk piece. Yeeeahh....that's it. Actually, this just happened to be a complete coincidental resemblance between the two drawings. Maybe I should do my own Cap vs Hulk piece next...

Because this week is a light week (only one new piece in the member's section) I decided to make it a special animated gif. The pit ticklers will love this one, as a sexy young man struggles to maintain his composure against animated wiggling fingers in "It's the Pits!".

Also added to the site this week, in our Free Archive, is the artwork that was produced for the TKLFrat's new home page. It depicts a young frat pledge undergoing one hell of an initiation. Be sure to drop by the TKLFrat site soon! They're undergoing some reconstruction, but their forums are alive and well.

See you all next week!


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