Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Incredible Tickling at MyFriendsFeet!

MyFriendsFeet always does great tickling videos, but lately they've been on a roll.  They've been getting a lot of guys into mummification bondage, with only their heads and ticklish feet exposed. Personally, I love this kind of immobilization bondage.  This week, the incredibly hot Jack McHawk is tickle tortured into insanity.
I happen to know, from both sides of the experience, that neck tickling can be EVIL.  Cat has been tickling the necks of his victims a lot, and it's become a new favorite tickle spot of mine.  Some guys go crazy when you tickle their necks!

Cat's fiend Dev has been assisting him a lot lately, and I have to say he's also become a favorite of mine.  He takes obvious evil glee in having these guys at his mercy.  His face really shows how much fun he's having, and I love it!
This is a perfect scene: a hot guy with incredibly sexy feet, trapped in tight bondage, and tickled crazy on his soles and neck by two sexy and evil ticklers.  And feathers!  I can never get enough foot feather tickling.
See this great scene and tons more tickling at the best-bang-for-your-tickle-buck on the web, MyFriendsFeet!

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