Monday, May 5, 2008

Animation Week!

This week we've got a special treat: All animated gifs!

Now, many of you are probably familiar with Franco, who we introduced last week, but I'll bet a lot of you haven't seen some wonderful animations that were made of his work. Today, we've posted 5 of them in his gallery and it's amazing how much life a few frames of animation can bring to his drawings.

I'm still experimenting with making animations, and this week I killed two birds with one stone: I created my second animation, plus answered a very special request from Mr. Scooter McGraw. My piece is called 'Cliffhanger', and I decided to make it free for everyone since I'm planning on posting it all over MySpace. Look for my piece in the 'Free Archive' section.


Next week, I'll be back to fulfilling more member's requests, and we just may be seeing page 3 of 'Major Power and Private Thawtz'.



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