Monday, March 30, 2009

Power & Thawtz...Prisoners?

Mr. Zikkon's superhero saga takes a turn for the worse this week, as the heroes find themselves quite literally at the mercy of the evil Dr. Zyborg. While there's no actual tickling in this week's installment, the tension is palpable and the page sizzles with anticipation as Major Power is trussed up in a most precarious position. Zyborg leans in, taunting our captive hero with promises of helpless laughter to come...

Snake makes a glorious return after a short absence with his latest drawing, "The Laughadors", in which two masked Mexican wrestlers try to tire each other out with tickles. Who will be the winner? Aren't they both winning, really?

See you all next week!


1 comment:

SerialTickler312 said...

I'm about to faint in anticipation of P&T's tickle torture!