Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Return of Grafmiller

One of the biggest and most comprehensive archives of male feet and tickling on the net, The Grafmiller Collection, was recently hacked and had all of its content deleted. Jay Grafmiller is now hard at work restoring the site and is taking the time to make it better than ever.

I went though a bunch of folders that I know I've been through before, and found a bit of new content. It seems Jay is revisiting his older photo sets and making sure that this new archive will be as complete as possible. I'm posting some of the hottest pics I found there yesterday, to encourage you to pay his site a visit.

Be sure to drop by The Grafmiller Collection today!


1 comment:

Palanca Feet said...

It's encouraging how a foot PIONEER like Grafmiller is still on board... although I'd wish to see new stuff from him. anyways it's good to know he's still standing...