Thursday, May 19, 2011

Southern Gent-Apollo

I'm a frequent visitor to the amateur site Southern-Gents, mainly because it features regular joe-type guys who take requests. Many of them often show off their feet for their fans.

If you're a fan of hairy Daddy types like I am, you'll love Apollo Risque.
Apollo is not at all foot-shy.  In fact, in each of his 165 photo sets on his site he includes at least two or three great foot shots for his fans.  He offers a ton of both barefoot and socked pics in his galleries.
I personally think he's got the hottest feet on Southern Gents right now.
Recently, I wrote to request a tickling scene and he was more than willing to comply!  Today he posted a set of his bare feet being tickled by a feather.  I'm sure if this turns out to be a popular set he'd be open to a repeat performance sometime in the future. 
So, if you want to see sexy, hairy Apollo laughing his head off as his ticklish feet are stroked with a feather, CLICK HERE today!


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Unknown said...

Wow, I've hung around that site a while now and never come across him for some reason. Thanks for pointing him out to me, he's incredible.