Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hey everyone,

Here's the information on the last 5 updates on the site!

First up, Cheshire Cat takes us into the realm of fantasy, where an unlikely couple engage in a little playful foot tickling at the local tavern.  But this "Elf on Dwarf" action is only the foreplay... Next, Azazello draws a certain superheroic wall-crawler who is strung up and tickled by his arch enemy.  It's too bad he's "Amazingly Ticklish" under his arms.
Next, Cheshire Cat returns to his characters from last week to show us his elf/dwarf couple "Later That Night".  This time, the dwarf is treated to a combination of tickling and a foot job.  Then, Mr. Zikkon starts his third epic tickling comic for AchillesHeelArt, "Warriors Six" This tale is set in a fantasy land of knights and warriors, which is being overrun by evil tickling demons.
Next up, Sloth proves himself a real...Mac Daddy. In his latest piece, a hapless iGenius is tickled silly through a brand new download for a phone in "There's an App for That". Next, I draw a hugely muscular bodybuilder who is chained and tickle tortured by two evil scientists. For what purpose...who can say?  As he laughs and laughs, he only knows that, against tickling, "Muscles Won't Help You".
Next, Azazello (who is becoming the king of costume drama tickling) brings us Athos, taken unawares at a tavern.  His boots are stripped off and he's subjected to a ticklish inquisition on his stocking feet in "The Laughing Musketeer".  Then, Blithwulf returns with a rather unfair wrestling match...unfair because both opponents have huge, ticklish bare feet!  Enjoy "Tickle Titans Wrestling".
Finally, Azazello returns to the Old West for another round of cowboys and Indians.  A tenderfooted cowboy is lashed to the tracks and foot tickled as the train draws ever closer in "Railroaded".  Also this week, I drew that infamous director of gay horror slasher films, who is notorious for inserting scenes of his sexy male actors tickled. Those actors hire a goon to turn the tables on the director and give him a taste of his own medicine on his sheer-socked feet!  I hope you enjoy "December Star".
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As always, to see the whole versions of our tickling artwork, visit AchillesHeelArt today!


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