Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Male Tickling Artwork Update!

Here is the info on the latest 6 pieces of tickle torture illustration to grace the web pages of!

First up, Cheshire Cat drew a real life character close to my heart.  I like to think Hulk Hogan is very, very ticklish, especially on his huge feet.  In "Andre the Tickler", the Hulkster meets his match and is tickled to tough guy tears!  Next, I drew a man who has been sent to a very particular kind of hell: TICKLISH Hell. A demon made of long, probing tentacles sends him into eternal spasms of helpless laughter...
Next, Velly-Z makes a return with a very sexy piece featuring "The Young Mechanic" who is overpowered by his two less attractive co-workers and teased under his ticklish arms until he's screaming for mercy.  Then, Azazello's siren song lures us under the waves, where a gang of hunky mermen capture hapless divers, strip them of their gear and tickle them until they're out of air in "The Depths of Laughter".
Finally, Wez draws an actor who I've always had a crush on in "Big Laughs in Little China".  Mr. Russell is overpowered by his enemy's electric minions and tickle tortured until he laughs his mullet off! Then, Blithwulf gives us multiple angles of a horrific tickle torture and milking scenario where a poor man is absolutely helpless to stop the foot tickling while tightly sealed in vacuum bondage in "Vac Rack Laugh Shack".
As always, you can find the full versions of these drawings in the member's area of!

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