Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our First Regular Combined Update!

This week at is our first regular scheduled update that contains 4 pieces of art: two in the Achilles section, and two in the Athena section.

First up, ever wanted to sneak up on someone when they're in the middle of taking off a t-shirt and tickle their ribs?  I make this simple but cute fantasy come true in "Sneak Attack".  Then, Blithwulf gives us all "wood" as a lumberjack gets his ankles trapped under a log.  His buddies can't resist taking advantage of the situation and tickle his huge feet in "Timberherher"
In the Athena section, Sloth draws a young college student who would do ANYTHING for extra credit. Too bad she didn't realize that her pervy professor has a tickle fetish.  She's so ticklish she's become the "Teacher's Pet".  Then, a man is captured by a gang of sexy female vampires who don't feast on human blood...they feast on laughter!  Azazello's latest piece is called "The Laugh Vamps", and I know you'll love it!

As always, visit the member's section of to see the complete versions of these drawings!

Tune in next week for 4 more great tickle torture illustrations!


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