Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Feather Force 5!

Hey Gang! We've got 4 more torturously ticklish drawings for your twisted pleasure!

First up, Azazello journeys to a distant Middle Eastern desert, where an unfortunate explorer has awakened an evil sand monster who has a taste for soft, ticklish feet. Will he be forever cursed by "The  Sands of Laughter"?  Next, CheshireCat adds another member to his superhero team Feather Force 5 with "Jade Mantis", a martial arts expert with the added benefit of 6 limbs with which to grapple and tickle his enemies.  Even his dexterous toes are deadly tickle weapons!
Over on the Athena side, I draw the heroine from Van Helsing, who has been trapped in dungeon stocks by an evil redhead female vampire.  Her long boots have been pulled off, and she's being mercilessly foot tickled with a wicked black feather until she's "Anna Delirious".  Then, Gigi returns with an underwater odyssey in which a nude female diver is set upon by tickling mermaids, seaweed and tiny nibbling fish in "Mermaid Masochism".

As always, you can view the full versions of these drawings in the member's area of AchillesHeelArt!

Until next week...

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