Saturday, November 3, 2012

A New Tickle Chair!

MyFriendsFeet has spruced up one of my favorite devices in their arsenal: The TICKLE CHAIR. CatInHat has strapped poor Laurent into his new device and he and his partner in crime Dev tickle him into insanity.
What I love about the tickle chair is that it seems to make the ticklish guys Cat finds even more vulnerable. Something about the position makes guys even more ticklish and makes them totally lose control.
I happen to know Cat loves it when guys are feather ticklish on their feet, and Laurent certainly is. He and Dev spend a nice long time flicking his sensitive soles with the tips of feathers.
Cat and Dev double team Laurent and are so mean to the poor guy...and we love it. 
Dev is a true tickle villain. I love his the faces he makes when he grabs his favorite tool: a plastic hairbrush.
Laurent seems to be crying out, "Somebody help me!". Won't you go to MyFriendsFeet today and help him? You know, after watching him being tickled for about 20 minutes?

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