Saturday, January 12, 2013

Laughing HARD

Over at TickledHard, they're having great success luring very ticklish young guys into their lair of laughter. And the last two weeks have been especially hot.
First up is Dalton, who is an adorable cutie with a great laugh. He gets his feet tickled in sheer socks!
Eventually, the socks get slowly peeled off for some barefoot tickling on this young victim.
This is a very playful tickle scene, with Franco using his mouth to blow ticklish raspberries on Dalton's tight tummy. 
Next up is Johnny, who is a bit scruffier than Dalton, but no less cute. Franco starts the scene out with a mohawked assistant tickler. 
Pretty soon, a whole gang of ticklers joins the scene, and Johnny is put through a brutal gang tickling he will never forget!
So, if you're looking for some new tickling spank material, look no further than TickledHard. CLICK HERE to check them out today!

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