Monday, December 3, 2007

A Short Break

This week, Chad provides two pieces seen here for the first time ever in color, while I prepare images for our holiday season. Our main homepage will be updating soon with a Winter image featuring a certain Jolly Old Elf, being jollier than usual.

Chad's first piece takes place In a remote tribal nation in a greener part of Africa, where young warriors prove their value to the tribe by making the late-afternoon journey of the 'Kuchimo'. They must pass through a valley of lush plants which take sustenance from the salt and nutrients in the sweat of the traveler. This journey must be taken naked or nearly so...

Also, a ticklish merman runs afoul of a feathery-limbed sea tickle monster in 'Tentickles!'.

My small contribution this week is my self portrait for my gallery page. It's a glimpse into the inner workings of my brain as I come up with my latest creation.

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I hope everyone is getting all of their Christmas shopping done. And with that, another plug for my CafePress store: I've got lots of fun t-shirts and other goodies for that special tickler or ticklee who has everything.


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