Monday, June 22, 2009

Hotter Than Dustin Diamond's Sex Tape

Hello Tickle Fans!

Our artist Snake got his inspiration this week from a classic television show that is responsible for assaulting us all with Elizabeth Berkley's movie career. Poor Zach. Getting his feet tickled is really making him "Screech". Won't someone "Save" him? Looks like even the principal is enjoying watching him get the treatment in "Tickled By The Bell".

My piece this week is in the Free Archive for everyone to enjoy, and the idea for it sprung from a chat I was having with a fan from MySpace. He loved the animated gif I'd produced called "Feathered Friend", but wanted me to do another one with a guy in socks. I realized that with a little tweaking, "Feathered Friend" could have socks and wiggling fingers added to it. The result? "Sheer Madness!"

Hope you enjoy them!


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