Friday, January 15, 2010

A New Year...Some New Tickling

Hey Everyone,

Here's all the info on our last two updates for the first two weeks of 2010.

Last week, Velly-Z gave us poor Jay still trying to hold out against his evil interrogators. This time, they've employed an especially wicked tickle torture method: KITTENS! Despite the tickling, he still won't tell them anything in "Where's the Gold 3". Also last week, comic lover Sloth gives us another look at ol' Web Head as he strings up and torments a thug, just for the heck of it. As Sloth titled it, "Spidey's Kind of a Dick". This piece also features a sexy look at Spidey's spandex-clad feet...This week, Blithwulf returns with his second piece, this time with a blonde hunk at the mercy of a devious tickling machine that has gone haywire! He's attacked from all angles by floating balls with tickling claws on each one. You get every delicious angle of this scene, as he's surrounded by videoscreen closeups of his most ticklish regions. Poor "Subject 124". Next, you could say I've really "Ratcheted up" the tickling in my latest piece. This Lombax's robot sidekick decides to test out just how ticklish his paws are in "Clanked". This is my very first attempt at furry tickling art! I'd love to hear what you think of it.

That's all for this week, folks!


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