Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Man...The Legend...BLITHWULF!

This week we welcome a new artist with a very familiar name into the AchillesHeelArt fold. Any tickle fan who remembers the early days of the internet will recall "Blithwulf's House of Tickling". It was one of the very first sites devoted to the subject, and I have fond memories of discovering it. I actually stumbled upon his site in my city's main public library while doing a keyword search for "tickling", and this was long before the days of Google.

Blithwulf has decided to come aboard our art team, as he has been experimenting with computer painting programs and 3D figure modeling. His first piece is a knockout, so I can't wait to see what he has in store for us in the future. In "Locker Room Laughter", one barefoot muscular hunk is put through the paces by the rest of his team as he sits helpless in stocks. Let me know what you think of this great new addition to our library!Also this week, I begin my New Years resolution of getting to every request that's been sitting in my queue. A long time ago, a member requested seeing one of his favorite British actors getting tickled while filming a movie. This guy is tough, hairy and built like a bulldog, and his thick bare feet get tickled crazy in "Hoskinsfeathered".

That's it for 2009! I hope to see lots of new members to our site in 2010 and beyond!


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