Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Right Jolly Old Elf

Merry Christmas everybody!

This holiday update has a special gift for all tickling fans: A twinky elf and a big bear of a Santa Claus.

First up, Sloth shows us the consequences that a lazy elf who isn't fulfilling his toy quota must face: foot tickling! He begs for it to end, but his fellow elves and Santa are just having too much fun! That elf "Better Watch Out"Next, I send everyone who loves bears a great big Christmas card. Santa just loves to laugh, and gets in some practice as his elf helpers explore his hairy body with sprigs of pine, candy canes and feathers! I know you'll enjoy "He Shook When He Laughed", and you'll laugh when you see it, in spite of yourself!

Happy and safe Holidays to All, and to All some great tickling!


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