Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter is Here!

Thanks to everyone for being patient with us, as I adjust to the sudden turn my life and career has taken (see last posting). Here's the information on the last two updates posted to AchillesHeelArt!

First up, Sloth gives us "The Tomb Raiders", two hunky explorers who stumble upon a mysterious feathered amulet. Little did they realize, taking it would unleash a horde of tickling goblins. That's one evil curse... Next, Velly-Z has Jay STILL at the mercy of the tickling pirates who want to know "Where's the Gold 2"? He's not talking yet, even though they're still tickling his feet.
This week, I brought in Winter 2009 with a brand new home page image. Rather than drawing Santa this time, I decided to go with another holiday tradition. There's nothing like sitting around the dinner table for a scrumptious meal with family and friends. Looks like these guys are more interested in tenderizing this meat in "Feast of Laughter". Grab a turkey feather and join in! Just save me a drumstick... Next, a mystic Yogi trains his apprentice in the art of separating mind from matter. The flexible young man is tasked with holding a difficult balanced yoga pose while magical feathers dance all around his body in "The Yogi's Training".
Hope you enjoy this week's pieces!


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Xseimo said...

Aw I tought that Santa was a tradition and I was glad to see it every year. I was curious about how you would have tickled him this year.... oh well there is still the Xmas week or the next year so I'll just wait.