Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Introducing: Azazello!

Hey gang!

We've got a brand new artist at AchillesHeelArt, and I know you're going to love his stuff.   Here's what we've posted on the site over the past two weeks:

First up, BearoticArt brings us the greatest show on earth!  In the center ring, a poor young man is suspended from the roof of a tent, while hands stroke and probe every inch of his ticklish body.  Welcome to "The Tickle Tent".  Next, Azazello makes his debut on our site with his first piece and it's really out of this world.  An astronaut undergoes some intense zero-G training as his feet are tickled from inside the shuttle in "Spacewalk Silliness".
Next, Azazello is on a roll with his second piece, set in the Old West.  An aging sheriff is captured by two outlaws, pantsed and strung up barefoot.  It's too bad he's so tenderfooted, as he can only laugh and laugh his way to "The Last Roundup".  Also, Hulk Hogan has some pretty big size 15 feet, but they are no match for giant fingers...Andre the Giant's fingers that is.  The Hulksters' ankles are trapped in the ropes, and Andre's taking advantage of his compromising position.  Blue Bully takes us from Hulkamania, into "Ticklemania"!
That's all for now!  As always, you can see the entire drawings in the member's section of AchillesHeelArt!

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