Friday, February 11, 2011


Hey gang!  Over the past two weeks we've posted 4 very hot new tickling drawings!

First up, it's spiky-haired blonde hunk week!  Wez takes us to the never-ending world of Final Fantasy (seriously, how "final" can it be when they've made 14 of them?) where that gloomy Cloud is forced to finally cheer up and laugh a little.  His rival Barrett has a new, feathery attachment for his mechanical hand, and poor Cloud's bare feet are the target!  It's a "Final Footasy" for everyone to enjoy.  Also, the author of The Big Tickle Blog asked me to put together a special piece of two of the most-requested porn stars that we all want to see tickled.  Jeremy Bilding and Brady Jensen were two of the winners, so I put them in stocks for your amusement in "Most Wanted Ticklees".
Next, Mr Zikkon is getting close to wrapping up his latest tale, with the second to last page of "Witchfinder General".  The evil Hopkins gets what's coming to him, as he's put on display in every town where he tickled poor young men and he's set upon with fiendish revenge.  In the midst of all the wigging fingers and stroking feathers tormenting the huge bear, even the stoic Mr. Sterne decides to have a go at it...  Then, Cheshire cat draws one of his favorite videogame heroes at the mercy of his evil twin. Since his good twin's feet are so ticklish, it's clear that "Dark Link" can keep him exactly where he wants him.
As always, you can check out the full drawings in the member's area of AchillesHeelArt! That's all until next Wednesday.  Hope you enjoy these illustrations!

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