Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Crossover of Cataclysmic Cackling!

Hey Gang!

Here's the skinny on the last two weeks' worth of updates!

First up, Cheshire Cat took the challenge I gave him to draw his interpretation of a "Tickle Monster".   His is a nocturnal, tentacled, one-eyed beast that sneak-attacks you at night and tickles you to tears!  You should be very, very afraid of "The Monster Under the Bed".  Also, Sloth rounds out the League of Evil Ticklers with the last member, "The Entangler".  No, he doesn't go after people with very fine hair.  Instead, he is the master of intricate bondage who gets his victims in completely helpless positions and tickles...and tickles...

Next up, we have a very special treat for fans of superheroes.  Since Sloth completed the roster of his gang of tickling villains, I thought it would be great to have Mr. Zikkon tackle an all-star jam page of Sloth's evil League attacking Zikkon's heroes Major Power, Private Thawtz and Captain Awesome.  It's a veritable orgy of tights and tickling!  Also, Azazello draws ol' Horn Head at the Mercy of a certain megalomaniacal Doctor.  Doom has him barefoot and helplessly tied in his hidden asylum, and he's out to prove that Mr. Murdock is "The Man with Fear of Tickling".
That's it for this week!  As always, you can see the full drawings in the member's section of Enjoy the drawings, true believers!


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