Friday, April 1, 2011

Latest Artwork

Hey everyone!  Here's the information on the latest updates at

First, Azazello takes us into a Japanese wrestling ring where a much smaller opponent takes down a huge tough Sumo with a tiny little feather.  I know you'll love "Sumo HO HO!".  Also, Cheshire Cat revisits that prehistoric past, where his sexy man-tiger is once again restrained by evil lizard men and ritually tickled into "Prehysteria 2"!
Next, BearoticArt shows us a "Delicate Situation" in which a young man has his nether-regions slowly stroked by a feather until he's insane with pent-up pleasure.  Also, Azazello returns to the Wild West for that classic scenario of Cowboys vs Indians.  This Native American isn't tormenting his captive's tenderfoot...rather,  the young cowboy learns that "Indians are the Pits".
Next, Cheshire Cat takes us into a classic fighting video game, in which a certain 4-armed character has a distinct, tickly advantage over his sensitive opponents.  His nimble fingers will "Finish Him" for sure!  Also, Blithwulf renders us one very sexy cowboy, tied to a bed having his big, wide sexy feet tickled.  He's living by the motto, "Die with Your Boots Off".
Finally, Mr. Zikkon brings his 2nd ticklish tale to a close.  As the evil "Witchfinder General" Hopkins has been reduced to a babbling, drooling idiot by the villagers' ticklish revenge, we end with a glimpse into the future of Mr. Sterne.  Could it be he's been tainted by Hopkin's twisted desires?  Also, Wez takes us on a tickling adventure, as Indy desperately clings to a collapsing bridge as his ticklish armpits are tormented.  Can he hang on?  Find out in "Indiana Jones and the Laugh Crusade!".
As always, look for the full drawings in the member's section of!

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