Monday, August 8, 2011

Selling Some Old Tickle Tapes

Hey everyone,

I've got a collection of old VHS tickling tapes that were gathering dust, and I thought I'd try to sell them before VCRs become completely obsolete (if that hasn't happened already).

Let me be clear about several points:  These are the original tapes I purchased, not copies.  I'm not duplicating the tapes, nor will I upon request.  I'm not interested in pirating the work of these studios, whether they are still in business or not.  Once these individual tapes are gone, they are gone for good.

That said, there are some rare and impossible to find scenes that I am now getting rid of.  The tape quality varies, but most of them play just fine and have decent picture quality.  Remember, some of these are nearly 20 years old at this point.

If this first batch of 13 tapes is successful, I have approximately 35 more tapes to list in the near future.  I decided to go the ebay route, and you can find the auctions for these tapes HERE.  You will have to verify your age with ebay to view the auctions.

Good Luck!


Peter said...

I am extremely disappointed to find that only people located in the US and Canada can bid - or even view! - these items on Ebay!!!

(here's from Ebay's FAQ: "Can non-U.S. members view the adult pages on eBay? -To ensure we respect local laws around the globe, we only allow members from the U.S. and Canada to access the Adult Only pages. Even adult items that can be listed in the main eBay categories can only be shipped within the U.S. and Canada."

Utter rubbish I say! We're in Europe/UK - not Saudi Arabia!!!!! I would have liked to bid on some of these items, so this will have cost you money!

Anonymous said...

I checked the link to e-bay today and the tapes are gone. Are they still for sale or are they all gone? Do you have any Catalano tapes?

Achilles said...

I'm afraid the first batch is indeed gone. The auctions ended last night.

I do have more tapes to list, and will be listing them in the next couple of weeks. I will post on the blog again when the next batch goes up.

I do have a couple of Caltanos left, but the majority of what I will be listing is old Bob Jones tapes.