Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Solid Weeks of Tickle Torture

Hey True Tickle Believers!

Here's the information on the last six pieces of tickling artwork at AchillesHeelArt!

First up, Mr. Zikkon presents page three of "Warriors Six" in which a brave and very ticklish knight is recruited by a mysterious wizard, in order to rid the land of a tickling scourge.  Next, Blithwulf creates a piece especially for yours truly in which a smooth, dark haired man is held down and tickled by three huge, hairy men in "Wintering with Bears".
Next up, Azazello takes us to mysterious Egypt, where an unfortunate explorer is captured by a gang of evil mummies who wrap and tickle him into submission as they prepare him for a very special sarcophagus. Also, Cheshire Cat returns to our favorite fantasy couple, as the shorter one of the two takes control in "Dwarf on Elf". Turns out the dark skinned elf also has very ticklish feet.
Finally, Azazello gives us a tickling drawing we can't refuse, which shows two mobsters having a little fun with their victim before they fit him with "Cement Shoes".  Also, BlueBully does a little Soul Eater searching, as the werewolf Free is tickle tortured by the creepy Asura in "Please FREE Me!"
As always, to see the full versions of these drawings, visit the member's section of!

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