Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Now With More Boobs

As some of you may have read on TheBigTickleBlog already, we've expanded our site!  Today you'll notice that the entire site got a bit of a facelift, and there is a brand new section called "The Athena Galleries" which features F/M, M/F and F/F tickling illustrations.

Now, I'm expecting some outcries like "Sellout!" and "Girls are icky!", but I wanted to explain that this was a necessity in order to keep running.  I'm afraid we were never quite the success I'd always hoped we'd become, and it has become a matter of either expanding to draw in more members, or shutting down altogether.

I'm sure most of you would rather we stick around, so I'm hoping you'll give us the benefit of the doubt. The way the new site is designed, the M/M content and the female oriented content is not blended together.  Yet, members have access to everything if they so choose.  The Athena Galleries is its own separate section, so you don't have to view those drawings if you don't want to.  

I'm hoping everyone can play well together, and that this helps make us more of a success.  Instead of 2 drawings per week, we'll now be adding 4: two on the Achilles side and two on the Athena side.

For our inaugural week, we adding the 9 pieces listed below to the Athena section, to give you an idea of the kind of variety you can expect.  
From upper right corner:
"Legend of the Shrieker" by Achilles F/M  Didn't we all want to see tickling happen during that famous bondage/torture scene in Legend of the Seeker?
"Frost's Feet" by Azazello M/F Electro binds and tickles the haughty Ms. Frost using his electrickle power.
"Babebarians" by Wez F/M Two badass chicks tie and tickle a barbarian on his helpless muscled physique.
"Pillow Fight" by Gigi F/F Brand new artist debuts with a tickly slumber party scene!
"Royal Revenge" by CheshireCat F/M Fan favorite CheshireCat has Bowser at the mercy of various video game heroines. 
"Dark Willow" by Sloth F/F Poor Buffy never realized just how powerful and how mercilessly evil Dark Willow can be.
"Liberty Page 1" by Mr. Zikkon F/M The first page in Zikkon's brand new superhero tickling epic!
"Negotiating a Raise" by Blithwulf F/M This sexy French maid makes good use of her feather duster...on her employer's helpless feet!
"Girl Swirl" by Nomar ?/F A group of sexy young women cavort with a strange, tentacled tickle beast.
Also this week, we added two drawings to the Achilles section.  BearoticArt gives us a window into the secret society "The Order of the Feather".  This mysterious hooded cult draws laugh after laugh from their helpless sacrifices.  Also, CheshireCat plays with "Toes N' Tails" as two of his furry characters have ticklish fun with their long toes and prehensile tails. 

That's it for this week!  Next week we'll start our new regular schedule of 4 drawings per week!



Anonymous said...

F/m is super! Thank you! At some point I hope to see FFF/mmm. An en masse scene would be hot!

Anonymous said...

Dear Achilles,

Congratulations on the expansion of your website to include more than m/m tickling.

I hope that you are wrong about members complaining about the addition of f/m and f/f tickling to your site. While I am personally not a fan of f/f tickling, I have a simple solution. I am not to going to open them. But I found Zikon’s f/m piece very hot. So my unsolicited advice is INGORE THE HATERS! If anyone complains, ask them to allow you to see their website or their contributions to the m/m community. It is always easier to complain than to create.