Saturday, November 19, 2011


Here's the info on the latest tickle torture drawings that have been posted on AchillesHeelArt over the past month.

First up, oh no we DI-DANT tickle Ricky Ma-IN.  Oh yes, we did.  Poor Ricky is tickled by his fans right onstage, forcing him to start "Living Cosquillas Loca".  Then, Cheshire Cat decided to do One Piece I know his fans will love.  Two of the sexiest characters from the popular anime engage in a little stock bondage and foot tickling in "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire".
Next, BlueBully concocts a Full Metal piece featuring King Bradley using a rather unorthodox method of persuasion on Colonel Roy Mustang: ruthless rib tickling!  Will Roy give in to "King Bradley's Method" and make the ultimate sacrifice?  Then, Azaello takes us to the fires of Mordor, where the deranged Gollum is trying a new way to get Frodo to give up the location of his beloved ring.  He torments helpless hobbit feet in "Ticklisshhh Preciousss".
Next, it was our special Halloween update!  Blithwulf created his take on a famous poem in which a poor man is sealed into a room brick by brick.  In his version, the man is in for a much worse fate, as his head and feet are sticking out, helpless and just begging to be tickled in "The Laugh of Amontillado". Then, Sloth couldn't resist a pun for the title of his piece.  A man is set upon by two rough and sexy trick or treaters, out for a special kind of candy in "Jerk-o-Lantern".
Next, BearoticArt puts a scifi spin on his latest piece, in which an out of control tentacled robot tickle tortures the heck out of a helpless young man in "Space Oddity".  Then, Azazello's piece will hopefully leave you stirred, not shaken, as 007 is tied to his sports car and tickled insane on his sheer socked feet in "Laugh Another Day".
Next, I created a specially requested piece in which a certain haughty Atlantean king is wrapped up in a unique kind of bondage and tickled on his sexy bare feet by his romantic rival in "Stay Away From Sue!".  Then, Velly-Z returns with another piece in which a helpless young man is forced through tickling to give up his most precious treasure in "White Gold Prisoner".
And last but not least, CheshireCat visits a beloved mainstream tickling scene that I know a lot of us wish had gone on for much longer.  Poor Goku is at the mercy of that giant multi-armed caterpillar again, only this time he's naked!  He can only laugh helplessly during "Catapy's Revenge".  Then, Wez does a classic and simple scenario: a medieval prisoner, trapped in "Ye Olde Stocks" and tickled insane by the villagers!
That's all for now, but stay tuned for a very exciting announcement about November 30th!


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