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Great New Stuff at GuyTickle!

Recently, I sat down with the famous GuyTickle and his new protege Adam for an interview.  GuyTickle's site has a lot of great new stuff coming up, and Adam is a huge part of it!  Adam is 24 years old and originally from Colorado. He is a young, outgoing, single guy who now calls New York his home. He likes to stay as active as he can and keeps busy. “I wouldn’t call myself a jock, but I skate, box, kick box and get into different sports.” he said.

You can see samples of Adam's first video at, and don't forget to visit Adam's page on the web site for photos and more!


One night on YouTube, Adam found men tickling men. "I don't remember what I was looking for, but I found a video on YouTube of guys tickling guys. I sort of knew it was a fetish for people, but never thought about it. The guy had a lot of these kinds of videos on his channel and I think I watched most of them because I remember being up late and oversleeping the next day." Adam tells us. "After that, I was more ‘interested’ in the idea and started looking at other web sites. A lot of the sites had videos and pix about tickling, but they also had foot fetish material like socks and sneakers, and "foot sex". I thought that was hot too."

AH: So Adam, online videos were your first real introduction to this particular fetish.Were GuyTickle's previews a particular favorite of yours?

Adam: Yes. It was hot and playful at the same time. And the guys he tickled were seriously ticklish. I was really into the tickling, but I was curious about a lot of what I saw.

AH: What was it about the tickling that you liked?

Adam: Well, I'm really ticklish, and when I am getting tickled, I love it and hate it at the same time. So I liked seeing how these guys reacted.

AH: So you had been tied up and tickled before?

Adam: No, just friends fucking around kind of stuff; tickling me. But watching the other guys get tickled in the videos, tied down, was hot too. I liked the idea of being in control of it. Being able to make someone laugh and get all hysterical and worked up when they can’t stop it. I think that it’s hot either way. But not just hot, it's fun in playful way.

AH: You mentioned that you were curious about some of the other content you saw. Like what?

Adam: There was a lot of foot fetish stuff. I LOVE getting massages and foot rubs, so I was into that. I never gave a foot rub, but want to now seeing how the guys reacted. Some of the socks, shoes and sneakers stuff was hot too. And I was really curious about some of the foot play and foot "sex".

AH: After having your first exposure to tickling, feet and related kinks via video, what happened?

Adam: Nothing for a while. I thought about it. Had some fantasies, jerked off watching videos and having my own fantasies a bunch of times. I even remember seeing guys getting undressed or barefoot in the locker room at the gym and wondering if they were ticklish or whatever. But at some point I wanted to try it for real.

AH: How did you make that happen? 

Adam: I placed a couple of ads on personals sites.

AH: How did the ads work for you?

Adam: They didn't, really. I didn’t get a lot of replies and the couple of guys I talked to just bailed after the first few messages. Everyone wanted to meet RIGHT NOW, and I wanted to talk first, meet up, see what happened. Ease in, you know?

AH: How did you end up meeting GT? Through a personal ad?

Adam: No. Through his web site. I was looking at the samples on his site, because he has like, hundreds, and I got his email through the web site once I realized he was in New York.

AH: So, GT, that is when you met?

GT: Not right away. We sent some emails back and forth. Then we talked online, and then texts, then he called me. He wanted to explore and talk about his ideas and interests a little before meeting. Plus, like me, Adam likes a build up and teasing. We both enjoy some anticipation. So it was cool to go slow-ish. There were times when either one of us would send a text or an email or something to the other with some flirty, teasing message, and that was hot. We were in contact about a month before we finally met.

AH: What happened when you met?

GT: We had a drink first and talked. We went back to my place after that.

AH: What happened?

Adam: He tied me down and tickled the shit out of me. I don’t know if he found places I didn’t know were ticklish, or maybe I got more ticklish from being tickled crazy already, but it was intense.

AH: How did that turn out?  Were you nervous about your first tickle experience?

Adam: I was really nervous about getting tied up. But it was… explosive. Twice! It’s crazy how worked up I got.

GT: Well, three times if you count when you were.... (trails off)

AH: When he was what?

Adam: When I was tickling him. Revenge is sweet and hot.

AH: Is that on film? We will see it?

GT: Some of it is on film, yes. You may see some of it.

Adam: I saw one of his samples where GT is getting tickled and he's a lot more ticklish then he lets on.
Guytickle's own big, sexy feet tickled

AH: Yes, I've seen those clips too, and I really would love to see him tickled more.  It's only fair, after all.  So, the site will remain but now we'll see more than just GT doing the tickling?

GT: Yes. GuyTickle featuring Adam! I will still be doing the tickling and Adam is going to be getting tickled as well as doing tickling himself. I wasn’t really looking for a lead, but the more we did together and the more we talked, the more curious and interested he got. It was hot for him, and just as hot for me to have someone so into and curious about what I do and the "scene". So, I came up with a few ideas and put it out there, and here we are.

AH: I find that pretty exciting.  I like to see some variety in the 'lers on a site, too.  Will you two often double team some poor, ticklish victim?

GT: Oh yeah, you will see a lot of two on one. 

AH: GuyTickle is a very good tickler.  How do you think your tickling "style" might differ from his?

Adam: GT says it is very alike. 

GT: We are very alike in how we tickle. He has that slow, teasing, erotic touch that he mixes in with hard core tickling. Plus he’s not just some one style tickler. He tries different ways in different places to see what makes you laugh the most. 

AH: GT is notoriously silent when he tickles. How do you feel about a bit of teasing "tickle talk"?  

Adam: I never really thought about before, but I know it makes it worse for me and for GT, so I will probably do it if I am not caught up in the moment.

AH: Guytickle has scenes that are both just tickling and also scenes that incorporate more adult situations.  How do you feel about the more adult content on GT, Adam?

Adam: I think it’s a natural progression. I don’t get into the contract type stuff as far as who is going to be doing what and how much of it, but my preference is adding the adult content. Doing the tickling without anyone getting off is like, I mean, it’s kind of like, here’s some pepperoni pizza, and the pizza is good, I’ll enjoy the pizza, but you can’t have the pepperoni. The pepperoni makes it that much better.

GT: (laughs) There is going to be a lot of pepperoni.

AH: This all sounds very exciting and I can't wait to see what Adam brings to the table at!
Be sure to CLICK HERE to visit GuyTickle's site, and help to support one of the best ticklers out there, along with his new partner in tickle crime!

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