Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tony D -WRECKED by Tickle Torture

Ever wanted to see a tattooed muscle guido tickled into total submission?  Over at FootFriends there's a brand new tickling scene that is completely satisfying.
This video is produced by Frank DeFeo, who has enlisted a brand new "expert tickler" to work over poor Tony. He's really good at his work. He starts out with Tony's ticklish feet, stroking them with both his fingers and a feather.
Tony starts out all tough, attempting to resist the tickling, but it's not long before he realizes he's in for a hell of a tickle torture. Especially when the feather starts to drag between his toes.
When the tickle expert moves up to his upper body, that's when Tony really loses it.  He starts to beg for it to stop and at one point he even cries out "somebody help me!"  I love that.
The tickler spends some time with his sensitive belly button, twirling the tip of the feather inside of it and poking it with his fingers.
At one point, even his head is held down and his ticklish nose is tormented with the feather.
Tony D is completely WRECKED by the tickling he receives, and it's tons of fun because you can tell he had no idea it was going to be this bad for him.  CLICK HERE to check it out along with a lot of other great tickling scenes that FootFriends has to offer.

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