Saturday, July 14, 2012

M/M Tickle Torture at Tickle Abuse!

I've been hoping the folks at TickleAbuse would do some M/M tickling scenes.  They've done a handful in the past, but now it seems like they're on a roll!
The main m/m tickle top so far is a sexy tattooed guy named Troy. He's ruthless, and appears to be having a blast tickling these poor guys.
Now that's the face of real tickle torture.
One of the best things about Tickle Abuse is their equipment.  They have some fiendish stocks and tables that render the ticklee completely helpless...and thereby probably much more ticklish.
Another nice thing is the variety of men they lure into their lair. There's a nice mix of cut muscle guys and more "average joe" types.
The absolute hottest guy they've had so far is this incredible beefy muscleman below.  WOW.  It's like they went inside my brain and pulled out my dream muscular ticklee with gorgeous wide feet!

In one scene, Troy himself gets strapped down and treated to the tickling revenge that he so richly deserves.
 Nice feet on Troy!
So CLICK HERE to check out TickleAbuse today!  One thing: it's not always clear from their home page that there is a male tickling section.  Look to the right hand column, and you'll notice there's a button to click that says "Ticklish Guys".  That leads you to the M/M and F/M tickling section.

Have fun!

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