Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tickled to X-stasy

Blue Bully, one of the talented artists who draws for me, also has a large gallery of her work on DeviantArt.  Her favorite tickling victim is none other than that Canadian hairy brute, Wolverine.  He's definitely my type too: burly and hairy as hell.  I love the way she draws his bare feet.

So if you like what you see, CLICK HERE to visit her DeviantArt page!  Also, join AchillesHeelArt to see her exclusive work for us!

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Palanca Feet said...

I didn't know Blue Bully was a woman. She is truly talented, and I love the way she draws men and feet. And of course, I pity myself of not ever draw Wolverine yet, he's my favorite superhero, with those mutton chops, stubble, fur all over his body... maybe I need to "get in tone" myself to get inspired and not being interrupted while working on Wolverine...