Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tickle Lance's FEET!

Over at LaughingAsians, they have a seemingly never-ending supply of cute young Asian ticklish guys. This particular model has very sexy feet!
Poor Lance's soles and toes are elevated in bondage and at the mercy of his tickle torturer. This shows them off very nicely.
The guys at LaughingAsians do some of the best feather tickling on the web. A lot of ticklers in clips start with a feather, then give up way too easily before switching to fingers.
But here, they know just how to tease a ticklish body and pair of feet with soft feathers until the poor victim is a squirming, giggling mess.
 Case in point:
Look how much fun Lance is having!
So, CLICK HERE to visit LaughingAsians for this sexy scene and a ton of others! These guys really know how to tickle! 

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